Human Permaculture

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Alonso is the co-founder of the l'Université Collaborative Internationale de la Transition (Collaborative International University of Transition) A leading permaculture instructor, he has been developing the concept of Human Permaculture since 1999 Applies the concepts of permaculture to human societies This unique permaculture approach has not been previously published The "missing piece" of classical permaculture design Helps the reader identify their specific life purpose or niche Inspires readers to take action to transform their lives Explains how humans are genetically programmed to work in teams, clans, and groups Specific actions for transforming relationships in groups Simple tools for creating personal change, designing a meaningful life, working in teams, and building community Includes information on economy, housing, food, and relationships Incorporates left- and right-brain thinking Tips for building solid work teams Games and exercises for working in groups Easy-to-follow, step-by-step tools and exercises, no prior knowledge required Illustrated with hundreds of fun, beautiful line drawings and easy-to-read charts Show how to examine your life through the three ethics of Permaculture - earth care, people care, and fair shares - and how to apply the twelve Permaculture principles to whole life redesign.Accessible to every reader New Society Publishers are committed to the highest environmental practices in the industry, including: printing all their books in North America, on 100% post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper, using vegetable-based, low-VOC inks; and offsetting their emissions to make all of their business operations carbon neutral and is proudly B Corp certified. Their books are so Green you could eat them!

Audience: Millennials searching for a meaningful and fulfilling future, 30-somethings looking for a lifestyle change, associations working in teams, human resource managers, educators

Canada: Alonso's farm in Frelighsburg, QC, is well-known as the first to produce edible insects in Quebec.

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